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FPRA MIssion

Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents (FPRA) is working under the aegis of SUPRATIVA for developing road safety programmes to increase knowledge, awareness and skills amongst all types of road users. Besides education, we also promote advocacy on some particular issues in influencing, informing and assisting decision and policy makers.

Mission and Vision:

FPRA starts its mission to overcome the uphill crisis of endangered human lives on roads. It continues its mission to spread the message and imprint in the minds of thousands of road users of all age groups, of all categories, through a well-knit information system on road accidents. The Forum is equally concerned with evolving new alternatives in road safety measures through continuous research works, debates, interactions and critics etc.. The Forum acts as a watchdog between implementation of road safety policy measures by Government and road users response. The Forum will strives for new modalities and modus operandi on training, education and motivation components of road safety measures. The Forum commits to carry out all these missions for a safer road and quality road users under Orissa condition.

The vision of FPRA stretches beyond the present strategy and technology with optimisms. Its vision relates to averting possible man-made epidemic in terms of road accidents in future. Its vision would ensure developing a value system and character buildings for road users from child level that will prevent accidents on every possible manner. The vision will include a sustained effort by FPRA for  safe, secured and comfortable mobility on roads. In totality, FPRA visualizes to preserve road safety as a way of life.

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