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Kali in World Social Forum, Brazil

Kali Samal began attending school informally at the age of six. She had not actually secured admission in her school; however, she would accompany her friends as they were attending school regularly. Her early school days were short-lived however as she was forced to begin working due to a financial crises in her family. For a while, she loitered around but then found work at the age eight as a bricklayer. Kali earned Rs. 15/- each day as a bricklayer, which was used towards supporting her family. Her occupation was only seasonal work, and so she worked in agriculture fields in the off-season to continue earning for her family.

Kali saw other children going to school while she was working. She always wished that she would also have a chance to get an education. Although many children of her age do not want to study and find going to school a tedious task, she recognized that her life would be better if she was able to enroll in a school. This opportunity came when our organisation SUPRATIVA started a NCLP school in her village in order to educate child labour. She urged her parents to let her go to school; even through she was hesitate to start from class-I at age ten. She was able to look past her initial concerns and her parents agreed to allow hjer to fulfill her wishes.

Kali’s fear was immediately allayed. Following the NCLP programme, she completed five classes in two and half years. Performing well beyond anyone’s expectations, Kali earned first class marks in her class V Board examination. After passing, she took admission in to the formal school namely Baastarimathha Girls High School for further study.

The World Social Forum (WSF) was took place at Porto Alegra, Brazil from 26th to 31st January 2005. Kali along with other Indian delegates participated in this event through CR4WSF. There were a number of workshops in which she took part very actively. Kali agrees “listening to the children from other countries, I realized that I am not alone”. She has now become a dedicated speaker for children’s rights. Her advice to other children who are in same situation as she was earlier is that no matter what your family’s financial condition is, you should study. Only then she believes, will you have a chance for a better life.