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What is New
Food Adulteration Testing Kit
SUPRATIVA has developed a Food Adulteration Testing Kit which can be used to test the purity of nearly 50 kinds of food substances like turmeric, jiggery, red chilies, asafetida, tea, sugar, coarse sugar, pure fat, butter, milk, cheese, khoya, sweets, lentils, gram flour, green vegetables, cooking oil, mustard oil, honey, jam, jelly, pepper, clove, coffee, soda, lemonade, dry coriander seeds and power etc. The kit box is consisted by a tin/plastic box with chemicals namely rectified spirit, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, nitric acid, alcohol potash, petroleum ether, sodium carbonate, resorcinol, distill water, ferrous soleplate, soybean powder, spirit, yellow paper strips and red litmus and equipments namely test tubes, filter paper, lace, cotton, test tube stand, test tube holder, gloves, spirit lamp, wash bottle, polysheet etc. Apart from this, a manual has been prepared on how to use the food adulteration detection kit box and test the various food products used daily, through simple scientific as well as physical experiments. The kit is very much useful for housewives, science communicators and consumer activities.

Bioneemo and Bioponga Bio-pesticidas
The organisation has produced “Bioneemo” and “Bioponga” soap solution which is quite simple to use pesticide derived from the botanical oil of neem and pongamia tree seeds. Soap is prepared by adding alkali to oil. The pH is neutralized by adding sulphuric acid.  Potassium hydroxide soap is safe to plants. Hence, potassium hydroxide is used in preparing “Bionemo” and “Bioponga” for agriculture and horticulture use.  This soap contains about 60% soap and the rest are glycerol and adjutants. The soap spray droplets fall on the insect and block the spiracles and effectively knock down the insect within 24 hours. The products have been demonstrated in the field. It can kill or repel targeted pests like aphids, armyworm, brown planthopper, citrus aphid, citrus leafminer, corn stem borer, flea beetle, green leafhopper, leafhopper, leafminer, potato tuber moth, psyllid , pulse beetle, rice caseworm, scale insects, whitefly, whorl maggot etc. The product has won the India Development Marketplace award by the World Bank.